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How do I tame a cowlick?

If you suffer from a cowlick section of hair developing in the other direction, there are stressless tricks for taming a cowlick!

What is a cowlick?

First, let us cover the cowlick. Here’s a hint — it is totally unrelated to cows — or liqueur, of course. A cowlick is a tiny part of your hair that develops at a different angle than the rest of your head’s hair. Hair cowlicks are genetically engendered and usually are located at your head’s crown. They may also appear in the centre of the front of the hairline. And while you might think of cowlicks, many popular people have them.

A dryer blast

Taming a blow dryer with a cowlick is your best defense. It is easily manipulated when the hair is wet. The science behind this is that the hair bonds of hydrogen are broken off when the hair is wet and reforms when it is clean. When your hair drought, it can be conditioned to do whatever your heart needs. When the hair is still damp, the cowlick blows dry and usually veers in the opposite direction. If you have cowlick bangs, make sure you dry them until your hair starts to air dry.

Using a teaser

Taking the hair at the roots of a cowlick can mask the gaps in your hairstyle. Over-direct the hair clover to the place you want it to lie down, then tease the roots. There are a few backcombs to set the theme.



Not every cowlick can be tamed. When it does not come in, experts suggest designing designs that work with natural movement of hair, not against it. Perfectly coiffed or slim are of no use if you cannot cuddle a cow. A plain blunt bob and sleek bang, for example, is not the best alternative if you do not want to cowl every day. The beach waves or any other textured style are ideal to combine hair with an irregular pattern of development.

Wet the area

If you have to tame your cowlick, but do not wash your hair, just try to wet the area to be restyled. Wet a comb or brush and then run through your cowlick a few times to screen it. This is a particularly valuable tip when you deal with cowlicks.