How often should I get my haircut

Have you ever wondered why it seems as if the hairstylist would never cut your hair the same way every time you go? If this is more often than not your situation, then let me understand.

There are many things to do, one of which is that you still visit the same stylist? Are you a pretty new customer? Do you have daily haircuts? How is the outside weather hot, humid, cold, rainy or dry? Is your designer more imaginative than last time? Does your hairstylist remember well? Are you describing the right words to your haircut? Is the designer completely conscious of what you want?

The best way to describe is how hair first develops. Hair normally grows around 1/2 “a month. Also, hair does not grow uniformly across the entire head. Certain areas on the head grow faster than others.


What does all this mean when it comes to choosing time to get a haircut? Well … let us presume you get your haircut every 4 weeks and then you get busy and did not go back until the last 7 weeks. Your hair has been growing for 3 weeks and the shape of the hair has drastically changed, depending on how fast your hair grows.

If one moment, and the weather is cold outside and the next moment you go out, your haircut can look different. It might seem shorter or longer than usual or the texture may seem different. Then, when your designer goes to cut your hair, your artistic eye may see something else and might cut your hair slightly different to accommodate the change.

If the stylist has no good memory it can take many days to make your hair and remember your haircut. Is that bad? No, just make sure you explain this the same way every time you remember your haircut or have them take a couple of images to help the two remember.

What about the ingenuity of your stylist? Perhaps your designer has gone to a new haircutting lesson and learned a new technique. Depending on what your hair does that day, the designer will decide to use one of these techniques. If your hair worked this technique, make sure that you tell them the next time you go. They do not remember they did it the last time and if your hair is doing anything different than it was the time before they do not remember on their own.